Welcome to my art & design portfolio website!
Hello! I’m a graphic designer and illustrator in Los Angeles. My design work ranges from clean and sophisticated to fun, rich and detailed, and my personal work is often about wilderness, companionship and animals with a nostalgic and whimsical side. I also like cats, coffee & tea, books, mustard, making stuff, wilderness, and seeing the world.

Recent News

10.13.14 - Check out my two newest etsy shops: TinyBeeCards for silly & nerdy cards, and LemonadePixel, a design resource/ hand-drawn clipart store created by my husband and I!
1.30.14 - I'm working on a new updated site with more of my recent work! In the meantime, follow me on dribbble or behance to check out what I'm working on lately.
11.1.12 - Follow me on pinterest for art/design inspiration and also lots and lots of food related pins!
4.2.10 - Updated the blog with a new look.

etsy shop